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Nina Ebbenhout

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Nina Ebbenhout was born in Amsterdam. She grew up in Bilthoven were she had a carefree childhood surrounded by music.
She got her first piano lessons from her grandmother. This was the start of her musical career.

In 2002 Nina received her diploma at the conservatory of Utrecht and graduated as a classical pianist.
She studied with the dutch concert pianist David Kuijken.
Before she did her exam she had made up her mind to extend her knowledge of other music styles besides classical music.
Under the name ‘Performance’ she studied with the famous dutch jazz pianist Bert van den Brink.
Jazz singing with Gé Titulaer and Lydia van Dam and classical piano duo repertoire with the concert pianist Klara Wurtz.
In June 2004 she received her masters degree.

Since 2003 Nina has been actively writing her own music and lyrics.
All lyrics are in English and inspired by her own life, with a positive atmosphere.
A mix of jazz, soul and popmusic. Her songs are uniquely characteristic because of the warmth and depth of her voice.

In 2005 the mini CD 'Nina Ebbenhout' was recorded, with 4 own songs on it.
She also played live at the concertgebouw in Amsterdam for BN radio.
In 2006 the mini Cd ' Smile' was recorded with 4 jazzstandards on it, arranged by her Quartet.
In 2007 She played at ' The Hague Jazz' with her quartet. And recorded a minicd with her singer/songwriter duo Bloom.

In 2008 her debut album 'When we kiss' is being released in the Netherlands.
The album consists of jazz standards, pop covers and own songs.
Nina performs solo and with her quartet on all sorts of occasions worldwide.


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