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Paul Weiling

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Paul Weiling started his career as a professional musician in Germany, at the age of twenty.
In 1984, he moved to the Netherlands, where he studied saxophone at the Amsterdam School of Arts with Ferdinand Povel, Herman Schoonderwalt and Henk van Twillert. After graduating with a master's degree in musical performance he continued his studies with David Liebman in New York. Since the mid eighties he has been (regularly) performing on the Dutch jazz scene and participated in various international groups and projects, experimenting with elements of folk music, jazz, pop and contemporary improvised music.
In 2004 Paul Weiling started the group Compasión with fellow saxophone and clarinet player Steven Kamperman. Compasión brings a combination of flamenco and improvised music. The music is inspired by traditional forms as well as newly composed material. Elements of jazz and flamenco make a unity, or a contrast. The project is supported by the Music: World Series organization, Utrecht. The Dutch Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst provided a grant for Paul Weiling in order to write new compositions for this ensemble. In November 2004 the group was presented at the Global Village Festival, Amersfoort featuring flamenco dancer La Kika as a special guest.

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