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Oriol Roca

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Oriol Roca – born in Spain, he started playing drums at the age of eleven. He studied drums for 10 years in Barcelona, then came to the Netherlands to study at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 2001, graduating in 2005. Oriol is active in numerous bands in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain (e.g. The Sweet Cut, Vrak’ Trio, The New Free Spirits Quintet, Refree), and also undertakes a number of project in other genres than jazz, performing with hip-hop artist Mala Rodriguez, de Nacional Classic Orchestra of Andorra and Orquesta Nacional de Navarra. With Vrak’ Trio he won the first prize in Concurso de Jazz de Barcelona in 2007. He has been sponsored by Timbaldrums since 2006. 

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