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Reno Steba

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Born in Dakota (on the caribbean island of Aruba) in 1960, the son of the well-known trumpettist Oscar Steba, he began playing bass at the age of 12, learning all the basics. Through his teacher (at the Aruban Academy of Music) he became very interested in Jazz music and Jazz improvisation, especially Bebop and Seventies Jazz-Rock. As a youngster growing up in Aruba, he absorbed a lot of musical information from his parents, who listened to Pop /Latin /Jazz music. He studied harmony with Franklin Granadillo, a great Aruban arranger and trumpet player, and took ear-training lessons with the Argentinean piano player Armando Lorenzinni. Very early on, Reno had success with his own band, "Earth Sensation", and performed with many other bands. In the period following, he worked as a studio musician and as a composer, as well as producing several albums.

In 1984, Reno went to the “Martinique VI Carrefour Mondial de la Guitare”, and met up with Jaco Pastorius, who taught him additional ropes and with whom he shared the stage. He also won a special prize from the jury. He had the pleasure of meeting some interesting musicians in Martinique, such as Jazz guitarist John Abercrombie, Classical guitarist Leo Brouwer, and Ichiro Suzuki, as well as Abel Calvero.

That same year, Reno won the prestigious Motito y Rufo Wever Musician-of-the-year Award, in Aruba. A year later, he won the Motito y Rufo Wever Arranger-of-the-year Award.

His dream of going to Europe brought him to The Netherlands. After settling in Rotterdam, he joined the group D.I. Formation. With this band, he played with famous dutch artists such as Lee Touwers, Corrie Konings, Oscar Harris, and Lou Prins. Reno also played with several Caribbean bands such as Willy Latino Showband, Caribbean Fantasy, Unisono, and Siembra.

Reno also performed at concerts, festivals and clubs all over Europe. Additionally, Reno has played with various Latin - jazz- fusion groups, such as the famous multicultural trio "Sticks & Strings", Tribal Fusion, Bacan, Patrick Sedoc quartet, Ana Beck quartet, Batida, Jose Lopretti quintet, Izaline Calister Band. He performed with many Dutch jazz musicians as well as American musicians such as Cindy Blackman, Ray Appelton, Alex Acuna and the legendary Armando Peraza and also with brazilian singer and guitarist Badi Assad well-known to the European music scene.

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