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Afra Mussawisade

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Afra Mussawisade was born in 1973 in Iran/Teheran and started playing the zarb which is the classical Iranian percussion instrument with the age of 6.
He had lessons from the masters Arjang Kamkar and farhangfar. After moving to Germany in 1983 he started playing the piano before finding his way back to percussion with the age of 17. Living in a multicultural European society he started to learn about the drums of various cultures. After taking lessons in west African and Indian drumming in Germany and studying latin music in Rotterdam he started to travel to countries like Cuba and India to learn more about the cultures.
He visited the music high school of Santiago de Cuba and the Karnataka College of percussion in Bangalore India.
During his high school time in Rotterdam he already started to tour with various bands from Holland and Germany through the whole world and he works constantly on developing his own style and sound which incorporates all the cultural influences he experienced and studied. He played in bands like:
-Praful (NL)
-Manfred Leuchter (Ger)
-Mezzoforte (iceland)
-Voer (NL)
-Till Broenner (Ger)
-Jeroen van Vliet (NL)
-WDR Big Band (Ger)
-Brownies Colours (Ger)
-Bruinsma Syndicate (NL)
-Marc Bischoff Trio (Ger)
-Bhedam (INT./NL)
-Sfeq   (NL)
-Tiny Tribe (Ger)
-Schäl Sick Brass Band   (Ger)
-Christoph Titz (Ger)
-Hermosa   (Ger)
-Don Abi    (Ger)
-Lotz of Music (NL/D)
-Fula is Calling (NL)
-Zuco 103  (NL)
-Mimoon (NL)
-Global Drummers   (INT./ Ger)
-Bayuba Cante   (NL)  
-Bantu (Ger)
-Mesechinka (NL)
-Gabriel Perez (D/ARGENT.)
-Xam Xam(NL)
-Talking Horns (Ger)
-Barana&Co. (NL/Int.)
-Scapino Ballet (NL)
-Timucin Sahin (Turkey)

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