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Dani Luca

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Dani Luca, born 3rd of December 1984 in Romania. Dani is raised in a family of gipsymusicians. His father teached him from when he was a baby the gipsy music and the cimbalom.
Since 1990 he lives in the Netherlands. In this period his processing of learning the cimbalom grew a lot.

Dani is pricewinner of the "Prinses Christina Concours" and in 1999 he attended the television programme; Foster Parents Plan "Solo voor een Kind" (Solo for a child) where he and his father played together.

Dani does not only distinguish himself on the field of the cimbalom (gipsymusic) he started at the age of eight with pianolessons (classical).
Therefore it's quite obvious that he made the decision to study at the conservatory, classical piano Bachelor of Music at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague with David Kuijken.

Recently Dani graduated in June 2009 for his Bachelor of Music with a nine for classical piano. His plan for the coming 2 years is to study Master of Music with Naum Grubert in the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

Because of his education Dani also performes "written music", classical, romantic and contemporary music for the cimbalom. Pieces like "Hary Janos Suite" by Kodaly; Erkely's Hungarian opera "Bank Ban"; "De Tijd" (the time) by Louis Andriessen; Kurtag's "Tre pezzi" and many other (contemporary) composers.


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