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Andreas Fryland

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Born 13th december 1983 in Haderslev, Denmark. Started taking drum lessons in the local music school at the age of 9, but changed to a private teacher (Bo Valbjørn) a few years later. At the age of 16 Andreas started to play jazz with his fathers Swing band featuring some of the best swing musicians in the country like Valdemar Rasmussen, Ole “fessor” Lindgren and “Nulle” Elith Nykjær. At the same time he was admitted at MGK (3 year preparatory course for the conservatory). In these years Andreas studied with Peter Jessen and started playing more modern jazz and rock with fellow students. He also played a few concerts on the Copenhagen Jazz festival with his brother, trumpet player Thomas Fryland. After finishing MGK along with secondary school Andreas decided to travel to Holland to study jazz at Royal Conservatory, The Hague. Here he had lessons with some of Europe’s finest jazz musicians like Eric Ineke (drummer), Stefan Kruger (drummer) John Ruocco (saxophonist), Hein Van der Gheijn (bassist) and Frans Van Der Hoeven (bassist). After some time in Holland Andreas started working as a professional musician in the area around Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. He has been playing with some of the top jazz musicians in Holland, including Rob Van Kreeveld, Juraj Stanik, Benjamin Herman, John Ruocco and Bert Van Den Brink. He also participated in the final of “The Dutch Jazz Competition 2006” at North Sea Jazz festival. In The summer of 2008 Andreas decided to live in Copenhagen and study half a year at Malmö Musik Högskolan. In this period he had lessons with Morten Lund, one of the best jazz drummers of the younger generation in Denmark. In May 2008 Andreas finished his studies in Holland and is now working as a musician with among others Kenny Werner (tour DK 2008), Teddy Charles (tour + cd recording in Holand 2008), Juraj Stanik, Phillip Harper (tour + recording in Holland 2006-07), Peter Beets, Bert Van Den Brink, John Ruocco, Jakob Dinesen, Thomas Fryland, Jesper Løvdal, Jacob Fischer, Hugo Rasmussen, Benjamin Koppel, a.o.


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