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Cord Heineking

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Cord Heineking started his professional career playing bass guitar in rock bands in Germany.The influence of his Dutch teacher Ruud Ouwehand and his growing interest about jazz made him pick up the double bass.In 1997 he graduated from the Hilversums Conservatory. In 1998 he won the Dordtse Jazz Prize with Avant-garde jazz group Lines End. Together with german Drummer Jens Düppe and Bulgarian Pianist Dimitar Bodurov he formed a trio in 2001. This trio was awarded with three prizes : -1st prize on the Laidse Stad Jazz Award ; -1st prize on the Erasmus Jazz Award ; -3rd prize on the Pim Jacobs Jazz Prize.  Besides his work as a bassplayer ,composing became a main task in his musical career. For example he wrote the filmscore to the dutch child movie “Vis en Vis”.  

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