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Iman Spaargaren

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Dutch saxophonist and composer Iman Spaargaren, know as frontman of Iman Spaargaren Quartet & Septet, Captain Hook, Thelonious4 and the European Union Quartet, has played on Dutch television such as 'Vrije Geluiden' (VPRO) and dutch radio NTR's 'Mijke's Middag', NPS' 'Weekend Winfried'. Iman played on many festivals such as North Sea Jazzfestival and Manchester Jazzfestival and at jazzclubs like BIMhuis (Amsterdam). Iman is an internationally very active musician; the last couple of years he did tours in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Finland.

Iman's saxophone playing catches the ear with his very personal and lyrical tone and inventive use of rhythm. His arrangements for septet make one think of the works of Amina Figarova en Wayne Shorter.

The atmosphere of Iman's original compositions and arrangements ranges from excited to dreamy, from light-footed to funky. 


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