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Bas Kisjes

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Bas Kisjes (1980) grew up in his parents hotel in Wijk aan Zee, surrounded by all kinds of music. After having some lessons on the piano and the guitar, he started playing bassguitar. His first bands were an punkrock band and a hiphop group. In 2000 he applied to study bassguitar at the conservatory of Alkmaar, with Joel Groenewold. One year later he switched schools for the conservatory of Utrecht, where he had lessons with Joel groenewold and The de Jong. There he also started playing double bass. In Utrecht he decided to focus on the double bass, so he took private lessons with Bert van den Brink and with Clemens van der Feen. In 2003 he entered the conservatory of the Hague, where he studied double bass with Hein v.d. Geyn, Frans v.d. Hoeven and Uli Glassman.
In the Hague Bas also followed some masterclasses with Barry Harris, Kurt Rosenwinkel, David Liebman, Steve Reich and many more fine musicians.
Soon after picking up the double bass, he played at the finale of the dutch jazz competition, with the Klijn Kisjes Fryland trio.
Bas playes in many bands, such as the Bas & Roos duo, the Jan Schroder quartet, the Bas Kisjes trio, Aldebaran, Move over and many more. He also writes music for His trio, the Aldebaran Quartet, for some documentaries and even a modern opera.

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