The O.A.P. Studio is acoustically designed for perfect interplay between the musici and to capture the unique bandsound in the most natural form. A good musical balance between the instruments plays a major role. In this case it is important that all musicians play perfectly in balance with the right dynamics, ajust to the recording room. This will help to make a high quality recording.
The recording room (60m2) is suitable for ensembles and combos. The recording studio consists of three separate rooms where it is possible to record vocalists and instrumentalists separately where 'cross-talk' is minimized. The recording room is equipped with an excellent Steinway B grand piano and high-end recording equipment.
The projects that will be recorded in this studio are usually (jazz)combo's, (classical)ensembles, acoustic music, soloists and 'voice-over'.
Recordings made in this studio you can hear at the catalog page.

Editing / Mixing / Mastering (Post-Production):
Sound expert Barry Olthof optimizes your audiofiles to a high-end sound quality, in the control room (45m2) of the O.A.P. Studio.
During the post production prosess the engineer edit, balances, equalizes, levels and brings to perfection the mix, fine tuning the dynamics and the timbre. That way a coherent production of one style and entity is created, safeguarding the identity of the music and allowing reproduction on any installation. 

Recording on location:
Also recordings on location belongs to the possibilities.
Concert halls, Jazz clubs, churches and theatres are great locations to create professional audio recordings.
A mobile set, with top recording equipment and easy to setup, wil be used during the recording process. For each project, a plan will be made in advance in consultation with the artist.
on request. 

Multicam video registration:
In the O.A.P. Studio it is possible to make multicam video registrations in high-resolution video quality.
Professional videoclips for social media are nowadays an important tool to promote your band or ensemble.
A short videoclip is often used to give an impression during the process in the sound studio.

Studio rates:
-Rate recording studio, editing, mixing, mastering including sound engineer Barry Olthof:
€ 75,- per hour (minimum 3 hours of studiotime per booking).
Tuning costs Steinway B: € 90, - (If using the grand piano). (A = 442 Hz).
Prices are ex. 21% VAT.

Terms and Conditions>>> (only in Dutch).