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Steven Willem Zwanink

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Canadian jazz bassist Steven Willem Zwanink (b. 1984) comes from Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2002 Steven was accepted to undertake his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance at McGill University in Montreal - Canada’s most prestigious undergraduate performance program.  After a chance encounter with virtuoso Norwegian bassist Steinar Raknes in 2004, Steven decided to take a brief hiatus from his undergraduate studies in order to take lessons from Steinar Raknes at the Trondheim Conservatory of the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology.  In 2007 Steven graduated from McGill University.  In 2008 he moved to The Netherlands where he studied briefly with Frans van der Hoeven and Hein van de Geyn, and currently studies with Clemens van der Feen, Janos Bruneel and Roelof Meijer at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.  Since his arrival in The Netherlands, Steven has performed with some of the finest musicians on the Dutch jazz scene, including John Ruocco, Eric Ineke, Philip Harper, Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, Gijs Dijkhuizen and Martijn van Iterson.

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