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Matheus Nicolaiewsky

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Born in Brazil, he started playing the bass at the age of 13, beggining to work as a professional musician in the nights of brazil early, at the age of 17.

Since than, Matheus played and toured inside Brazil and in South America with many artists such as Emilio Valdes (cub), Gustavo Assis-brasil, Julio Herllein, Bruno Tessele, Michel Leme, many others, working in a large diversity of styles, from brazilian tradicional music (samba and choro), Salsa and latin music to Tradicional and fusion Jazz.
In 2011 with the will of improving his knowlodgement on Jazz double bass and classical music, he moved to the Netherlands to study in the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag.
His unique way of playing the bass, transiting from the electric bass to the double bass with fluency and versatilty in a lot of musical strands has oppened a lot of windows into the european and dutch jazz scene, where he has been highly required as a side-man and as leader of his own jazz quartet.

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