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Rugile Daujotaite

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Rugile is a versatile musician whose passion is to improvise. Rugile's vision is to develop a style of vocal jazz in a spiritual direction: healing body, mind and soul through the combination of intention, sound and deep-in-meaning words.  Through music she wants to inspire people to choose Compassion, Love and Oneness as opposed to Ego ways and follow their dreams! Next to that she wants her music to be entertaining and exciting. Apart from singing she plays and performs with flute and the Lithuanian plucked string instrument kankles.
Rugile has been playing with many jazz musicians and has been changing jazz bands till she met a wonderful piano player Robert Rook with whom she has been collaborating on each possible occasion since then.  She loved the combination and after bassist Luciano Poli and Victor de Boo on drums joined, the Jazz Quartet has been settled.

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