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Bokkie Vink

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Bokkie Vink is a man who is inspired by his senses, his eyes and ears are the most important tools ....

His ears helped him to become cimbalomplayer and composer, specializing in Eastern European music combined with jazz. Given his musical background helped his eyes him to take photos of musicians from which he draws inspiration for his own music.

Bokkie studied percussion in Utrecht. After graduating, he joined with the group include Scope, Rob Franken and Eef Albers, at home and abroad.

At 28 years old he moved on cimbalom and studied with Ilie Alecu. On this instrument he played at the gypsy orchestra Tata Mirando, Serban and Georghe Zamfir. He also spent several CDs with his own work among others with the STriCat group. Since early 2012, he plays with Sintiromarus.


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