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Peter Wenk

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Peter, born in 1967 started his career in Germany as a pop-keyboardist, where he known German singers like Roberto Blanco, Karel Gott, and Heino toured. (Really!)

He lived from 1992-1994 in Los Angeles, where he received piano lessons include Kenny Kirkland, and also once he had played with Vinnie Colaiuta and Victor Bailey.

In 1995 he went to the Netherlands to study at the Rotterdam Conservatory afro cuban piano and jazz piano. At the RC he got Lessons From Rob Kreeveld and Jan Laurens Hartong. Until his graduation in 2000 Peter visited Cuba several times to deepen his musical studies there.

He played with Vinnie Colajuta, Alfredo Hechavaria, toured in Singapore, Cabo Verde, Curacao, Thailand.

He produced and arranged a plurality of CD's include Johan Nilson "ear Sick" Manuel Candinho his CD "Alma y son", and Amin Daci "Numedia"

At the moment he is leader and pianist of the band Mezcolanza.

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