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Nanouck Brassers

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Nanouck Brassers got trumpet lessons at a young age from his father. Later, Peter Masseurs (solo trumpet of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) took these lessons over. Peter has also taken him to the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. During his study Classical Trumpet, he came into contact with jazz and Ack van Rooyen. Ultimately Nanouck graduated both classical and light music UM. With his father, he has worked extensively in the "Rotterdam scene" as a trumpeter, pianist and drummer. In addition, he substituted inter alia by the Skymasters, the Metropole Orchestra and was a member of the Euro-big band and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Brass Quintet. At 19 years of age he entered the Marinierskapel of the Royal Navy, where he was 34 years the solo trumpet and flugelhorn of light music. There he has been able to develop in other areas. He played piano, drums and trumpet in the Combo of the dans orchestra. In 2012 he met the Dutch trumpet builder Hub van Laar, which resulted in an exclusive endorsement.
Nanouck plays a Van Laar trumpet, model Chuck Findley and a Van Laar flugelhorn, model Sandoval.

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