René ten Cate Trio - Solar

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René ten Cate presents a beautiful and ear-catching range of surprises in his first album 'Solar'. The Dutch jazz scene knows him as a vibraphonist, here he shows himself a pianist armed with the same qualities: love and respect for the favorite compositions he chooses for his trio and a warm musicality, with a romantic hint. Highly recognizable in five, often sensitive, own compositions including ‘April Song ', ' Journey’ and 'Reflections', the latter highlighted with a beautiful ‘classic touch’. All of them played with a relaxed sense of timing whilst maintaining a driving feel for swing and groove. The 'standards' he chooses pleasantly vary in character and have very different origins. Miles Davis' title song 'Solar', George Colemans 'Amsterdam after Dark’, Ellington's ‘In a sentimental mood’ to Milt Jackson's ‘Bags Groove (in which he strikingly does not play the vibes) and Chick Corea's' Bud Powell’. Ten Cate takes his hat off to these songs from the modern jazz tradition, but still makes them completely his own, without the intention of creating an ego story. This applies to 'Solar' as a whole: this is a real trio playing and improvising, in which piano, vibes and the sounds of bassist Andy Valkenburg and drummer Barry Olthof  create strong, 'intertwined' patterns. The latter musicians also provide two personal contributions (resp. 'Drifting on a cloud' and 'Free space swing'). With Ten Cate's first album 'Solar' we have a subtle piano trio like you don’t hear that often anymore. Work of three jazz men clearly on the same level of understanding. And enjoying that audibly.

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Barry Olthof
René ten Cate
Andy Valkenburg

Title DurationSoundfragment
1Jazz In The House2'44Sample
2Amsterdam After Dark3'46Sample
3April Song 4'20Sample
4Solar 4'25Sample
5In A Sentimental Mood 5'14Sample
6One Million Dollar 4'05Sample
7Just Friends 4'46Sample
8Journey (Vibraphone solo) 2'57Sample
10Reflections (Piano solo)3'24Sample
11Bag’s Groove 4'09Sample
12Bud Powell 2'21Sample


Drifting On A Cloud




Free Space Swing   



Tracks 1, 3, 6, 8 & 10 composed by René ten Cate.
Track 13 composed by Andy Valkenburg.
Track 14 composed by door Barry Olthof.

Jazzflits (August 2017)


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René ten Cate - Piano & Vibraphone
Andy Valkenburg – Doublebas
Barry Olthof – Drums

Produced by O.A.P. Records
Producer & Engineer: Barry Olthof
Recordings made by Olthof Audio Productions 
at The O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, 
The Netherlands, December 2016.
Mixed and mastered at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands, Januari 2017.
Photography & Graphic design: O.A.P. Graphics

Release date: 27-3-2017
Catalog Nr: OAPR1701
EAN-code: 8714835119685
Distributie Bertus order Nr.: S84285
Copyright O.A.P. Records 2017
All rights reserved.