Dutch Jazz Ensemble - Lazy Notes

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‘Lazy Notes’, not a word of a lie. Remarkable, because the Dutch Jazz Ensemble  is a newly formed group of musicians from different generations. They know each other from the gigs and jams in the pubs and clubs of The Hague. Here united for a joint feeling for all those beautiful jazzstandards. From Hoagy Carmichaels ‘Skylark’ to Victor Youngs ‘Beautiful Love’. Together with the old gold of ‘Black Orpheus’, ‘Estate’, ‘Angel Eyes’, ‘Body and Soul’. Or lesser known compositions as guitarplayer-singer Sacha Distels ‘The good life’ and Henry Earl (= Hank) Mobley’s ‘This I Dig of You’. So don’t expect doors to be opened to a soundscape of frightful innovations, here the doors swing open to a venue full of warmth and respect for the character of these songs.
With the tender touch of Patrieck Bonnets sax, the graceful swing of René ten Cate’s vibes, the crystal clear guitar articulations of Wouter van Deventer and the adventurous trumpet of Kees Kamphuis who forbids it to become too smooth. All tightly backed by the experienced rhythm section of Remco Hofman (piano), Willem van Wijngaarden (bas) and Barry Olthof (drums).
Their tasteful ‘Lazy Notes’ are good for happy recognitions, and urge one to sit down, relax and enjoy.

Title DurationSoundfragment
1Alone Together5'13Sample
2Black Orpheus4'32Sample
3You Don’t Know What Love Is7'06Sample
6The Good Life4'58Sample
7Angel Eyes7'52Sample
8Beautiful Love6'38Sample
9Body and Soul6'28Sample
10This I Dig Of You4'16Sample

Artists link (from left to right):
Wouter van Deventer
Patrieck Bonnet
Barry Olthof
Remco Hofman
Willem van Wijngaarden

René ten Cate
Kees Kamphuis

For more information, visit: www.dutchjazzensemble.nl

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Patrieck Bonnet - Tenor Saxophone
Kees Kamphuis - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Wouter van Deventer - Guitar
René ten Cate  - Vibraphone
Remco Hofman - Piano
Willem van Wijngaarden - Double Bass
Barry Olthof - Drums

Produced by O.A.P. Records
Recorded on June 15 & 17, 2020 at O.A.P. Studio,
The Hague, The Netherlands.
Producer & Sound Engineer: Barry Olthof
Mixed and mastered by Barry Olthof at
O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Photography: Carl Mierop
Graphic Design: O.A.P. Graphics 




Release date: August 15, 2020
Catalog Nr: OAPR2003
EAN-code: 8714835138440
Copyright O.A.P. Records 2020
All rights reserved.