Zeitgeistmusic - House Of Spirits

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Zeitgeistmusic is a small collective that won't be pinned down to a defined style. On each album the compositions dictate the genre of that specific project. Therefore it's no surprise that there is no actual band; apart from the duo that forms the core of Zeitgeist, it relies on friends and likespirited minds to give the music its shape – not just in performance but creatively as well.
House of Spirits is the maiden publication, a project to honour their first ever compositions.
Meanwhile, the EP Mathesis is also finally published and two other projects are in the making, each in its own distinctive style.

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Title DurationSample
2When the band is playing jazz pt 12'56Sample
3The ballad of Paco and Conchita5'06Sample
4When the band is playing jazz pt 23'31Sample
5To you, the barfly4'06Sample
6I am a fool2'31Sample

All compositions by Sani Zegeling, except The ballad of Paco of Conchita by John Palm.

Artist link (from left to right):
Taco Querens
John Palm
Sani Zegeling

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Line up:
Sani Zegeling - Guitar / Vocals
John Palm - Guitar / Vocals (lead track 3)
Taco Querens - Keyboard / Sounds

Produced by O.A.P. Records
Producer & Sound Engineer: Barry Olthof
Photography: Sani Zegeling
Graphic Design: Barry Olthof
Recordings made by Olthof Audio Productions at The O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands, August 2012.
Mixed and mastered by Barry Olthof at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands, September 2012.

Release date: 28 January 2013
Catalog Nr: OAPR1301
EAN-code: 8714835098249
Copyright O.A.P. Records 2013
All rights reserved.