Scott Hamilton - Blue 'N' Boogie

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Hearing Scott Hamilton play, is like listening to a declaration of love that already lasts for many years but still is as potent as then. And what a joy to recognize how the tenorman absorbed the musical idiom of the jazzgreats of his youth, from Coleman Hawkins to Ben Webster, and shaped his very own language and pronounciation for it. On his musical journeys in a stylistically mixed-up world, he always found in any country musicians who were glad to speak that language with him.

As in the Netherlands in OAP’s ‘Blue 'N' Boogie’: the contagious swing of drummer Frits Landesbergen, light when it can, forceful when it has to be. Or bassplayer Hans Mantel who lovingly provides his punctuation marks and reminds one (e.g. in Franz Léhars ‘Yours is my heart alone’) of a George Mraz. Italian pianoplayer and singer Francesca Tandoi is a discovery. Who heard her play and sing Bruno Martino’s ‘Estate’ doesn’t want it any other way; the romance of ‘Maybe you’ll be there’ is matching. Within her stylistically pure piano adventures always a nose for the right ‘blue notes’. Hamiltons choice of repertory mirrors the timelessness of his taste. Dizzy Gillespie’s swinging titlesong next to ‘The sheik of Araby’ that dates from 1921 but sparklingly is lifted over years and time. Or the non-sentimental beauty of ‘Body and soul’. Or Duke Ellington’s ‘Come Sunday’, with echoes of Johnny Hodges.
‘Blue 'N' Boogie’ is sheer pleasure.

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Francesca Tandoi
Scott Hamilton
Hans Mantel
Frits Landesbergen

Title DurationSoundfragment
1How Deep Is The Ocean6'09Sample
2Blue ‘N’ Boogie7'48Sample
3Body and Soul 9'24Sample
4This Can’t Be Love4'31Sample
5Come Sunday4'59Sample
6Who Can I Turn To 8'19Sample
7Maybe You'll Be There5'02Sample
8Yours Is My Heart Alone7'49Sample
10The Sheik Of Araby6'35Sample

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Scott Hamilton - Tenor Saxophone
Francesca Tandoi - Piano & Vocals (track 4, 7 & 9)
Hans Mantel - Double Bass
Frits Landesbergen  - Drums

Produced by O.A.P. Records
Recorded on April 25, 2018 at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Producer & Sound Engineer: Barry Olthof
Mixed and mastered by Barry Olthof at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Photography: Martin Potjens, Jacopo Mezzanotti,
Ron Jenner, Ferry Knijn, Ronald Speijer
Liner notes: Kent Hanson
Graphic Design: O.A.P. Graphics

Release date: 14 September 2018
Catalog Nr: OAPR1803
EAN-code: 8714835126188
Copyright O.A.P. Records 2018
All rights reserved.