Compasión - Salmuera

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Compasión brings a combination of flamenco and improvised music. The musicians are inspired by traditional forms as well as newly composed material. Elements of jazz and flamenco make a unity, or a contrast. The versatility of Antal Steixners percussion links flamenco vocalist Carlos Denia Moreno, guitarist John Fillmore and reed players Steven Kamperman and Paul Weiling together. Stirred-up rhythms (compás) and passion (pasión) for improvisation lead to a spectacular meeting of cultures.

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Title DurationSample
1Solano (bulerías)5'06Listen
2Gitanita y canestera (tientos/tangos)  7'03
3Media sangre (tanguillos)            3'24Listen
4Eres como el pajarillo (alegrías)4'26
5Martinetes       2'39
6Agua de arroyo (tangos)1'51Listen
7Seguir y jazz (seguiriyas)5'47
8Blanco marfil (tangos)6'52
9La revancha de Alba (bulerías)2'27Listen
10A la calle me salí (fandangos)6'35Listen
11Dos Bastian (rumba)4'50Listen
12Alba (fantasía)1'55

Artists link from left to right:
Antal Steixner
Steven Kamperman
Carlos Denia Moreno
Paul Weiling
John Fillmore


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Line up:
Carlos Denia Moreno - Flamenco vocals
John Fillmore - Flamenco guitar
Antal Steixner - Percussion kit
Steven Kamperman - Clarinet, Alto saxophone
Paul Weiling - Alto- & Soprano saxophone

Produced by O.A.P. Records
Producers: Barry Olthof & Paul Weiling
Engineer: Barry Olthof
Graphic Design: Wim Wepster
Photography: Kitty van Delft, Leo Erken, Ton Maas
Liner Notes: Nico Langenhuizen
Recordings made by Olthof Audio Productions at The Fieldwork Studio, Schoten, Belgium.
Mixed and mastered at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Release date: 16 February 2009
Cat. Nr: OAPR805
EAN-code: 978-90-78686-08-8