Nina Ebbenhout - When we kiss

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Singer Nina Ebbenhout presents herself on her debut album ‘When we kiss’ in a surprising and confident way. The album title (taken from one of the two own compositions she includes) speaks of a feeling of romance in her vision of life and music. A look at the other songs she chose confirms that: ‘Cry me a river’, ‘Close to you’, ‘Devil may care’, ‘Here’s that rainy day’. There are even more classics from the American songbook here, sung by many, always different, and Nina Ebbenhout adds with poise and confidence her very own, emotional vocal approach.

With a striking feeling for delivery, stressing and prolonging different notes and especially with a well-chosen and essential ‘time’: keeping the songs open, leaving space, so that vocals and accompaniment together are getting more ‘voice’. Nina Ebbenhout knows how to sing ‘jazzy’, but she can be the classic ‘songstress’as well ( ‘Both sides now’), who takes place behind the piano for her own, very personally frased love song ‘Confused’ (she studied piano at the conservatory).

The jazz-element is stressed in the tasteful arrangements by piano- and keyboardplayer Menno de Boer, who makes some striking choices. As for the attractive and sensitive ‘fills’ by young jazzmusicians like Susanne Alt (soprano and altsax), David Lukács (tenorsax, clarinet) and René ten Cate (vibes). Or as in his ‘latin feel’ for an unusually fast and swinging version of ‘The days of wine and roses’, in which singer Nina does her own backing vocals. ‘Love me like a man’ sings Nina...musically speaking the request is almost superfluous.

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1Close to you 5’24Listen
2Let's stay together 4'32
3Cry me a river 4'02Listen
4Love me like a man 4'04Listen
5Both sides now 5'28
6Devil may care 3'35Listen
7The days of wine and roses 4'29Listen
8Confused 2'53
9Here's that rainy day 6'02Listen
10When we kiss 6'40

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Nina Ebbenhout
Menno de Boer
Andy Valkenburg
Barry Olthof
Susanne Alt
René ten Cate
Kees Kamphuis
David Lukács
Jeen Rabs
Gino Rosa

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Line up:
Nina Ebbenhout - Vocals (and piano on track 8)
Menno de Boer - Piano, Effects & Arrangements
Andy Valkenburg - Double Bass
Barry Olthof - Drums

Susanne Alt - Alto & Soprano sax
René ten Cate - Vibes
Kees Kamphuis - Trumpet
David Lukács - Tenor sax & Clarinet
Gino Rosa - Percussion

Produced by O.A.P. Records
Producer: Barry Olthof
Co-producer: Menno de Boer
Graphic Design & Photography: Eunice Lieveld
Recordings made by Olthof Audio Productions at The Fieldwork Studio, Schoten, Belgium.
Mixed at The Fieldwork Studio, Schoten, Belgium.
Recording & Mix Engineer: Barry Olthof
Mastered at Electric City Mastering, Bruxelles, Belgium.
Mastering Engineer: Alan Ward

Release date: 3 February 2008
Cat. Nr: OAPR704
EAN-code: 978-90-79333-02-8
All rights reserved.