TRÆBEN - Nordic Project

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The Nordic Project by the quartet Træben adds a surprising and sensitive sound to the jazz idiom. Træben consists of young jazzmusicians (some of them originating from Scandinavia) who met at the the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. For their debut CD they combined ‘traditionals’ from Scandinavia (so-called ‘viser’) with a remarkable choice of four songs by the late Cornelis Vreeswijk, the Dutch troubadour, who had a few hits in his land of birth and is famous in Sweden and Denmark as a poet. 

The Traeben quartet does not use his texts, but takes advantage of his melodies for beautiful, softly melancholic excursions into the jazz area. The fine balance of their jazz-drive and the tunefullness of the folk ‘viser’ sets this debut CD apart. Crisp when in its swinging gear (as in Vreeswijks ‘Horoskopvisa’), making one’s heart melt in its ballads. Traeben brings a warm, new sound, strong in its vulnerability. A quartet with equal room for the individual voices without the subtle, stilistic unity getting lost. With a graceful harmony, tersely supported by the rhythm, of bass and guitar or saxophone, that makes a difference.

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Title DurationSample
1Cecilia Lind5'30Listen
2Se nu stiger Solen5'43
3Emigrantsvisa            6'48Listen
4Det hvidt herude4'43Listen
5Horoskopvisa    3'38
6Salta Taarar4'28
7Bibbis vise5'07Listen
8Sig naemer tiden5'05
9Skyerne Graane6'52Listen
10Ebbe Skammelsen6'19Listen
11Grimasch om Morgonen4'48

All arrangements by Jens Larsen except Grimasch om Morgonen by Olaf Meijer.

Artists from left to right:
Jens Larsen
Olaf Meijer
Thorsten Grau
Søren Ballegaard

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Søren Ballegaard - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Jens Larsen - Guitar
Olaf Meijer - Double Bass
Thorsten Grau - Drums    

Produced by O.A.P. Records
Producer & Engineer: Barry Olthof
Graphic Design: Wim Wepster
Photography: Marcel Kentin
Liner Notes: Johanne Harnqvist

Recordings made by Olthof Audio Productions at The Fieldwork Studio, Schoten, Belgium.
Mixed and mastered at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Release date: 24 November 2008
Cat. Nr: OAPR804
EAN-code: 978-90-78686-06-4
All rights reserved.