ONLINE Mastering

Sound expert Barry Olthof optimizes your audiofiles in the control room (45m2) of the O.A.P. Studio to a high-end sound quality for CD, streaming services like Spotify and digital downloads sush as iTunes.

Here a overview of the process:
*Raising the overall level to today’s standards.
*Correcting minor mix deficiencies in the bass, high end, and other frequency ranges.
*Unifying individual track levels for a cohesive sound.
*Eliminating pops, clicks, and other noises between tracks.
*A professional sound quality consistent across all playback systems: CDs, vinyl, streaming, etc.
*Adding IRSC codes (required for streaming and digital downloads).
*Adding text information (artist, title, track names, etc.) that can be displayed by media players and mobile devices.

What to do:
1. Tell us how many tracks you need to mastered.
2. Upload your audio files in a high-resolution format (WAV stereo audiofiles) by wetransfer with e-mail address:
3. After payment of the deposit invoice the mastering proces will start.
4. Professional mastering engineer Barry Olthof will evaluate your track(s) and then do the required
fine-tuning for your customized master.
5. Once you approve your audio proof and the final payment is done, you can use the audio file(s) as your master to release to your fans.

Upload your audiofiles now>>>

€ 49, - per track.
Prices are ex. 21% VAT.