O.A.P. Records

Recording producer and sound engineer Barry Olthof has been responsible for the realization and recording of many CD albums, resulting in an extensive set of recordings in various musical styles. His company Olthof Audio Productions, launched in 1998, is known for its recordings that sound direct, transparent and refined. For this reason many artists, bands and ensembles choose to record with Olthof Audio Productions.

He is also a musician who began playing jazz-drums professionally an early age. At the Royal Conservatory in The Hague he studied music registration and Jazz drums, graduating cum laude in both with masters degrees. Since 2007 Barry Olthof is responsible for his own label O.A.P. Records.

The label is inspired by the drive to work with national and international musicians to make top quality recordings in the fields of Jazz and World Music. Barry has worked for nearly 22 years as an free-lance sound engineer and recorded various CD albums for many labels and artists. For O.A.P. Records he recorded and produced 42 CD albums at this moment, see catalog.

The Sound

O.A.P. Records distinguishes itself through a direct, transparent and refined sound. The groupsound of the band in combination with the atmosphere and spirit of the musicians are reflected in the recordings. All productions are artistic, unique and timeless.  

The Technique

The recording process in the O.A.P. Studio is done with the utmost care. O.A.P. Records challenges its self to approach the reality of the music as closely as possible. The goal is to give the listener the feeling of being present at the performance of the music.

The Artists

The international artists contracted by O.A.P. Records distinguishes themselves through extraordinary talent and a high ambition. They have mastered the art of musical balance while keeping an individual recognisable sound. Furthermore, O.A.P. Records gives young talent a chance to prove themselves.