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Emanuel Donadelli


Emanuel Donadelli percussionist, is born in Palmanova, north Italy in 1976,  moved to Holland in 1998, where he studied music first in Groningen an then at the Royal  Conservatory in The Hague.

In 2002 he participates  to the Umabria Jazz master classes in Italy. In 2005 he is in New York and San Francisco where he meets and he is trained by local musician  as  Larry Granardier, Adam Nussbaum, Suzie Ibarra. In 2004 obtains the Bachelor degree in jazz drums in 2004 and two years later the Master Degree.  

He is actively participating in the Dutch musical world performing with various musicians in different styles from improvised music, to brazilian and  traditional  jazz  (Tharana, Yvonne Smeets Band, Dj Maestro, various Cobra Project).

CD albums