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Kalevi Louhivuori

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Kalevi Louhivuori was born in 1984 into a small town called Orivesi.
He grew up in a musical family. When Kalevi was 9 he started playing the drumset. Few  years later his mother gave him a trumpet. First years he didn´t really practise but because of his attraction to a beautiful girl in his class, he decided to practise more to get her attention..
His elder brother Olavi was one of the most important reasons for
Kalevi to start listening to Jazz. When he was 15 years old, Olavi
had a jazz trio which had gigs all over Finland. He played
with the trio on jam sessions for a few years. This experience gave him new perspectives on how to play music.

These days Kalevi has his own trio called SUN, which has just won the Young Nordic Jazz Competition in October 2006 where he also won the “best soloist price”. Kalevi has been touring and giving workshops around the world and is not only creating new
elements within jazz but also within different kinds of popular music as a composer and a player.

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